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5ml Dual Coil Carto's

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    I recently got a few of these from Uk-eliquid and started vaping with them yesterday, all I can say is f*** me. These are the very best cartos I have used..full stop.

    As a seasoned dcc user I didnt think it could get any better, but imagine a better "fuller" flavour, a throat hit to match and clouds of vapour to go with it and you've got one of these.

    The carto itself is huge, a bit smaller than a 650mah ego battery with a big rubber drip tip, it takes approx 120 drops so this really does keep you going for a while. I think they are rated at 1.5ohm and people are reporting two weeks of use out of it.

    I have been using these with my Don, I havent tried it with an ego battery yet, but I'll report back when I do and how long I get out of it.

    For those who are looking for a bit more I cant recommend these enough, give em a try;)