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Time for a hardware thread ?

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    Not to denigrate mewso's original concept of the forum but I personally find the proliferation of what I choose to call hardware ( as opposed to the E liquid "software") getting a bit confusing to explain to a casual enquirer. Maybe it's just my advancing years, but I find the different types of cartridges,tanks, adapters,tips,atomisers types A and B etc.. just a little confusing to explain, the basic concept is easy enough to grasp but perhaps somebody who is more familiar with the current state of the technology available could elucidate and oblige if only me. TIA


  • Yeah can be very confusing starting out with all sorts of possibilities and this seems to be growing at an extremely fast rate with new bits and pieces out every week.
    Seems to be a great bunch here letting us know about the latest and greatest so far.
    As the forum gets busier, threads will disappear so it might be good to see a sticky of new hardware and links to it?

  • Might be worth putting something together when I get a chance. It's not really as complicated as you might think though. A general rule is buy the same cartridges as the atty. They are normally marked as such and in each case are simply the required size to fit that particular atty. Some are interchangable like 901 and 510. The same applies for dripping. Buy the appropriate type. Type A/B refer to the shape of the mega eGo attys and require the specific carts/drip tips.

  • what about diferant voltages,ohm ect and there effects on TH,flovor ect ?

  • Glad to know I'm not the only one who is feeling confused , it's all a bit like reading a plumbing catalogue, really need to give everything another read with fresh eyes.