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    Ordered one at the weekend and it arrived today. So far I'm very impressed using a 5v battery. Out of curiousity if I ordered the batteries for 6v and 7.4v would it be overkill or provide enough hit that I could reduce the liquid strength I use? Thanks.


  • Well 6V was very common back in the day but it's not considered necessary these days as you can achieve the same thing with low resistance atomisers. At the end of the day you'll break an atty thats too low a resistance on a 6V so you can only really get an experience similar to a low res on a 3.7 or a standard on a 5V and so on. Going higher in voltage is a pointless exercise imo and going to 7.4 would really be dodgy as I've seen speculation that very high voltage starts to introduce it's own risks in terms of what might happen with these liquids being vaporised at very high temps.

  • personally prefer smoking at 8 watt ..... don't like higher than that -burning taste etc.

    for example :
    (R)esistance of the coil 1.4 ohm
    U voltage 3.4
    8.3 watts


    (R)esistance 2 ohms

    (U) voltage 4 V
    8 WATTS :)

  • Ah yes, Ohms Law...takes me back