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Replacement Wick Material/ego-t wick Mods

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    Been following a few mods on different sites of the ego-t and Im wondering if anyone has an idea what to use as replacement wicks.

    The actual removal and replacement is really easy and Ive just taken apart an old 510 atty that was fecked and used the wick out of that.The old ego-t wick was black and burnt and I couldnt get a decent draw from it.

    With the new wick in place its like a new atty.

    While it was apart I cleaned the whole lot down.I reckon with more wick in there and that little ball of metal gone the draw would be huge.

    Any ideas what I could use as a new wick to replace the wick in both my attys??

    Its supposed to be some sort of silca thread/rope.