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Say Hello/Your Preferences/Experiences

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    Feel free to post here saying who you are, how you heard about vaping, did you stop smoking or cut down, what your preferred devices are and what you vape etc. e.g.

    Real Name: Brian (optional of course)
    How I heard about Vaping: I got a call from my mother on January of 2010 just after Christmas asking me if I had heard about electronic cigarettes as she had seen an ad in the Irish Times. A few obsessive hours of scouring the web and I had ordered my first 901 starter pack from the Vapour Store and never looked back.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: yes I stopped from day 1 and even managed to make my last 901 cart last an entire day while I waited for an order to come through. My last box of Silk Cut is still sitting in a cupboard untouched.
    Length of Time Stopped: 18 months.
    Devices: My all day device is the eGo-T. At home I also use the ProVari. Other devices I have are the Megaladon, Screwdriver * 2, Little Gem, 5V Box Mod, Gary's Tank Box Mod, The Buzz, broken Silver Bullet and the Integrity. At some point I'll have to give away some of the unused ones to some of the good posters here I think.
    How and What I Vape: I vape constantly taking 2 or 3 puffs as opposed to a meassured 15 or so to match a cigarette. I just grab it when I want it. I prefer tobacco liquids and sometimes menthol but tend to avoid the fruity/sweet (life toffee fudge and so on) stuff bar the odd occassion.


  • Real Name: Cillian
    How I heard about Vaping: the original mega-thread here. I'd seen it ages ago and was curious but it took another 5-6 months before I accidently saw it on the boards main page again and decided that I actually did want to quit smoking for good.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: yep. about 9-10 months now. soon as the e-cig arrived I stopped smoking altogether. One time 2 months or so into my e-cigging my battery charged died on a friday and it was a bank holiday monday weekend so I paced my vaping, bought a packet of cigs on the sunday and my new charger arrived on the tuesday. but i've been vaping so long now and moved down to low enough nic strength juices that I just wouldn't go back to smoking, even if my device malfunctioned.
    Devices: ego-t battery and dual coil cartomisers.
    How and What I Vape: pretty much constantly when i'm at home. every 15-20 minutes I'll take a drag or two.

  • Real Name:Richard
    How I heard about Vaping: Was looking to buy some screwdrivers (the ones for screws !) and came across by accident the English SD site that sells e-cigs and had a read of that, would have forgotten all about it only I met a chap on a job the very next day using a e-cig, decided to give it a go.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: Straight away as soon a I got my device, would have done this years ago if I had known about them, 20 SK purple/day for 25 years to 0 overnight. No desire to go back.
    Length of Time Stopped: 2 weeks
    Devices: eGo. Getting tank conversion in post today
    How and What I Vape: At home about every 20min 2 or 3 drags, never used to smoke in house, smell, secondary smoke etc... Using tobacco flavoured liquids at the moment, will probably experiment.

  • Real Name Teresa
    How I heard about Vaping: Through my neighbour who started smoking them then started her own business.She's my main supplier now and thanks to her i've been smoke free since then.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: fell in love with e-cigs straight first was a mini cigarette but soon after converted to the 510 then ego.
    Length of Time Stopped: 10 weeks now and going strong;)
    Devices: ego-t at home and 510 when going out
    How and What I Vape: nearly constantly ...trying to slow down a bit !!

  • Real Name: Jonathan
    How I heard about Vaping:A friend in college has one, he used it for a couple of days with cigarettes but didn't stick with it. I bought an e-cig (generic type) after my exams
    Did I Stop Smoking?: I have been off the dirty fags from day 1.
    Length of Time Stopped: 7 weeks
    Devices: I didnt like the generic e-cigarette, so I the next day I started browsing the web to see what alternatives were out there. Lurking on vaping thread convinced me that the eGo - T type B was the way to go... happy with my choice
    How and What I Vape: I went from a pack of Dunhill a day to vaping constantly for a couple of days. This has declined gradually to now vaping 6 or seven times a day for about 5 minutes. (Nicotine is not the only addictive substance in them analogs)
    So far I have tasted Deluxe Tobacco, Cola and Watermelon all 18mg from bestshop, I prefer the Cola so far. I recieved decadent flavours premium cola and a standard caramel, 18mg from liberty flights last week. I did not like either of them. I am waiting on a Vermillion River sample pack and VR 30Ml Kentucky Premium Blend - 20Mg from UK-Eliquid

  • Real Name: Derek

    How I heard about Vaping: Saw a disposable E-Cigarette in the chemist one day but did not buy it thinking there might be something better. Whatever is on your mind there seems to be something on Boards about it and i found Mewso's thread which set the ball rolling to get something that would give me every chance to stop smoking Drum tobacco.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Initially, no. The main reason for that was still having a pouch of tobacco. So a tip from my experience would be if your gonna try this out, have no cigarettes or tobacco on you or in the house. After a few days i smoked less and less of the tobacco whilst using my E-Cig and then just stopped completely. Bearing in my mind i was chain smoking alot of rollies everyday for the last couple of years and John Player Blue before that, all in all smoking about 21 years.
    Since i got my E-Cig i have not bought a pouch of tobacco, friends and family cannot believe i do not smoke rollies anymore as i was constantly smoking before.

    Costs:The reason i stopped smoking John Player Blue was the cost of them, €100+ a week so i changed to Drum tobacco which i always managed to buy cheap in bulk from people getting it for me when they were on holidays for me. So i was paying little to smoke tobacco but knew i had to stop smoking so much and had to do something about it.

    Initially with E-Cigs you pay a few bob trying out different things and E-Juice but nothing in comparison to buying 20 smokes a day say.
    After 4 weeks or more vaping now, i know what i like and what i need to buy now and it probably costs me on average €25 a week, haven't really looked at costs properly yet to be honest, just glad i am not smoking rollies anymore.

    Devices: At the moment i use eGo-T and i bought this starting out.
    Might be helpful for people wondering what to get so will post links as well and there is a thread there with more suggestions to look at..
    Everything you need to start vaping is in that kit except the juice.

    Components of that device cease to work and need replacing so i need to buy batteries from time to time and best to have a spare one with you..

    The Atomiser also needs to be replaced and again always have a couple that work.

    Cartridges is where you pour the juice into and i also get some from time to time.

    All the component links above work with that starter pack in the first link but there is other possibilities that fit the battery so have a look around the threads for more information, but that is what i use and buy to keep vaping.

    As well as using that device i'm on the lookout for another advanced type but might take a while before i get one.

    How and What I Vape: As above, trying out different things is something that you will want to do and juices are no exception.
    After getting several different juices i think i have found a one what i will get alot of for a while which is Premium Mint Tobacco 11mg. Have tried different strengths etc but this one is medium strength nicotine content but gives you an excellent throat hit in my opinion, but it is all down to personal preference. You will appreciate caping more when you get the right juice and nicotine strength, just gotta try them out.

    I vape when i need to basically, i prefer it to waking up first thing in the morning when i lit up rollies, smoking one after the other in the pub, ripping the house apart for cigarette papers , looking outside to see someone going buy to ask for a smoke, you name i have done it and i bet you have too !!

    Will i stop vaping: Too early to say to be honest. I like the experience so far and am happy i found a good juice with medium strength nicotine content as i have vaped 24mg and 18mg and anything i have left over in that strength i mix with 0mg juice.
    I have not been in a position yet where i cannot vape as i have had the components to do so and not sure yet how long i would last without it but will give it a go in the future maybe, and if i do get to that stage where i stop completely and then in the future get a craving of some sort i will be turning to a E-Cig instead of a rollie.

    All of the above is my experience so far, definitely recommend vaping to get off the smokes or whatever it is ya smoke. Can seem confusing at first on what to get etc but after a short while researching you will become very familiar with different devices and feel the benefits healthwise.

    It felt strange not smoking and that was more amazement and how good it felt at not smoking rollies and if your thinking ''I'm not going around with one of those yokes'' that will also change as you feel the benefits of vaping.

    Rambling on too much there but hope somebody benefits from reading it as i did from reading Mewso's original thread as well as some help from Bryaner.
    Give it a try if your curious, you have nothing to lose !

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  • Real Name: Joe

    How I heard about Vaping: Boards! I clicked into the thread when this strange "electronic smoking" thread kept coming up. I assumed it was some kind of subcultural activity to do with rave music or something strange. When I read about so many people actually having fun with their new hobby while giving up smoking I thought it was too good not to try.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yes and quite easily.

    Length of Time Stopped: Three months now and I can't envision any situation where I would take it up again. I have no desire to and have come to realised that actually keeping the money is much more satisfying.

    Devices: I use a B-type Ego-T with a 1000mah battery when I'm at home as it doesn't take much maintainence and is cheap to run. I have a 510-T for when I'm out and about because it's so small and no weight in my pocket. I find both of them to be a great vape.

    How and What I Vape: I've been hopping between RY-4, Red Cola, Tobacco and Menthol. Menthol is really my go-to vape now. I'm using 11mg juice at the moment, I started on 24mg. I hope to bring it down to 0mg in the not-too-distant future. I don't vape in the same way that I used to smoke at all! I generally sit down with the e-cig in front of the computer and vape away on it constantly, but when I'm out and about I don't reach for it much at all.

  • Real Name: Sean
    How I heard about Vaping Bought Jasper & Jasper in chemist and thought there must be better than this so went online, found the boards thread and here I am.
    Did I Stop Smoking? I came to vaping in a different way to most. I smoked for 45 years, 80 a day at my peak, but was put off them by my doc 2.5 years ago. Quit for a year but had a relapse when on holidays, quit for another year but got terrible cravings and as I was about to go on holidays again knew I would fall off the wagon so thought I give ecigs a go. I have no intention of giving up vaping as I enjoy it so much and think whatever damage has been done to my lungs, etc. has been done already.
    Length of Time Stopped 14 months
    Devices Ego-T, Box Mod and still use cartridges especially with blue foam filler. I'd like to get one of those powerful mods like Provari or Megaldon but I'm still fairly ignorant about voltages, etc so will wait and see.
    How and What I Vape Constantly vaping from morning till night. I only use tobacco liquids...favourite would be the various Halo I've tried, Joye and Ry4. I always use at least 24mg (except with Joye). I like to experiment and last week even tried Barrys Tea as filler...Lipton's is better:)

  • Real Name: Jer
    How I heard about Vaping: Saw an ad for Intellicig in a pharmacy window.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yes. I tried the intellicig and a few other ecigs and didn't like them. So over the course of a month by trial and error I ended up with a 510-T and finally found a e-cig that suited me. So I have been off the cigs for just over a month and a half now.
    Length of Time Stopped: 1.5 months
    Devices: When I am at home I use an eGo-T with either a clearomizer or a 510-T atty. Out and about I use a 510-T auto and 510-T atty.
    How and What I Vape: I try and restrict my vaping to about 10 puffs around every hour or so. With the odd vape here and there when I feel like it. I stick to 10-12mg liquids. At the minute I am mostly using Banana, Strawberry, Apple and RY4. I tried some cherry (haven't found one I can use for more than one or two vapes), DK-TAB (a bit too nut flavoured for me), Fortune Strike (just pants, what I imagine vaping foot sweat is like), USA/MarlB (Nice but found the flavour very light).

  • Real Name: Padraig

    How I heard about Vaping: mewso's thread. A life-saver literally.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Fulltime off cigarettes for about 7 months. Have been having the odd cigarette since then. Am a schizophrenic/schizoaffective sufferer, so staying totally off the tobacco makes me depressed for some really annoying reason. On 1-3 cigarettes a day and/or a pipe a day.

    Length of Time Stopped: About a year.

    Devices: Provari, Prodigy v3.1 and Ego. Using the Provari all the time since I got it.

    How and What I Vape: Tobacco these days, have gone off the sweet stuff. Like mewso I constantly vape a few puffs at a time.

  • Real Name: Richie

    How I heard about Vaping: mewso's thread. A life-saver literally.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yes but I used Zyban.And used my old 501 that cost me 12.99 ( I think from ecirettes) for those really bad cravings.Off the real cigs 8 weeks now and havent looked back.

    Length of Time Stopped: 8 weeks

    Devices:Ego-t.Great device.Currently my all day device.Still having problems with a throat hit bein a bit too strong though.

    How and What I Vape: Tobacco 18mg<<all Ive ever tried tbh.Only because theres a shop near me in Dublin City Centre and thats all they have :) I dont constantly vape but use it at those times when I need a nicotine hit.Find myself using it in the car which was probably when I smoked maybe 3-4 cigs on my journey to and from work and when Im drinking.

    Will I stop vaping? :Probably not.The missus seems to think that Im not "really" off the cigs but here Ive went through everything that giving up the cigs does to you.Ive loads more energy,sense of smell and tast is back to normal,Im able to excerise for longer<<there is (in my opinion) definately something good about using e-cigs over real ones.Couple that with the price (one bottle of juice every 2 weeks is all I use) and Im saving a fortune after the initial outlay of course.So I dont see me ever stop vaping at the minute.I would like to see a real study on e-cigs versus real cigs though and see if they reallr ahe healthier.

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  • Real Name:;) I would tell you guys no problem, but I post in forums that I don't want posters to know my name.

    How I heard about Vaping: mewso's thread. A life-saver literally.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yes but I used champix.I was off the fags for about 11 months ,then went back on the fags.I tried champix again but the side effects were terrible, a lot worse than the first time, nightmares,stomach cramps, felling low etc.....then I found this thread:D

    Length of Time Stopped: 12 months, although I have had the odd fag when I'm out, which is rare.

    Devices:Ego-t.Great device.Currently my all day device.I'm going to buy the provari soon.

    How and What I Vape: Tobacco 18mg, menthol 18mg.

    Will I stop vaping?

  • Real Name Damien and im 31 [just added age to try get a feeling of what age vapors are]

    How I heard about Vaping: My uncle told me he got one in a chemist last year,when i decided to give them a try myself i went searching online and found the thread on here and some other sites.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: 100% and doubt ill go back to them

    Length of Time Stopped: about 2 months,i took 1 drag of a JPB 2 weeks ago and felt sick after it.

    Devices:Ego-t.Alltho i have used cearomizers,DCC and i started dripping with a 510 recently.

    How and What I Vape: mostly sweet stuff @ 12mg and 0mg if im going to be vaping for a while so as not to OD on nic.
    I will grab my PV when i feel i want it [just like how i smoked] take 5 or 6 toots and put it down,it could be every few min or hours apart.

    If im driveing long distance or playing a game and know i will be vapeing alot i will use 0mg

  • Real name: Noreen

    How I heard about vaping: OH tried a Jasper and Jasper from the chemist, it gave up after 10 days/2 weeks or so, then I found Mewso's original thread. Bought the OH an EgoT, and he's never looked back!

    Reason for starting vaping: OH has hypertension, and needed to get off the fags.

    He hasn't smoked an analogue in about 4 months.

    Currently using: EgoT.

    Likes: Fruit and mint flavours. Now vaping about 2Mg strength - I mix PG 16MG and 0Mg, then add various flavourings. Favourites at the moment are Pineapple, Blackberry, and Blackberry and Pear, though his tastes seem to change pretty often, so I have a decent collection of flavourings/e-juices at this stage.:D

    Have tried a vast assortment of flavours from VapourIreland, The Vapourshop, Bestshopeu, Misteliquid (UK), Easy E-liquid (Germany/Netherlands) - (seriously good pineapple flavouring for those who mix their own.)

    Currently waiting for a delivery from Inawera (Poland). I've read that their flavourings are very good. They don't stock Blueberry, unfortunately.

    For newbies trying vaping for the first time, I can thoroughly recommend the first three Irish sites. Next day delivery, and their prices are good.

    Because my OH is reducing his nicotine intake all the time, I'm now ordering from abroad, because I haven't yet found 0Mg flavourless nicotine on the Irish sites. Flavourings are also hard to find - so I order abroad, delivery is 3-5 working days, whic is hard to get used to after next day delivery on the Irish sites.

  • Real Name: Anto, 37.

    How I heard about Vaping: My cuz who I think heard about it here.

    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yep, effortlessly. Did it for money more than anything else. Had smoked 20 a day for 20 odd years. I had various duty free for the last 6 years which I got myself while on holiday. I was down to my last 600 which were Desert Gold and Coronas Orros which are terrible and decided that was it, I couldn't spend €2.5k per year smoking.

    Length of Time Stopped: 5 weeks

    Devices:Ego-t. Dual Coil Carto's and a drip tip.

    How and What I Vape: RY4 18mg mainly. I got a few samples and loved Marlboro which was more like caramel which I mixed with RY4 as it didn't seem strong enough on its own.

    Will I stop vaping? I dunno. Now I'm vaping I've noticed I have feck all urge for nicotine first thing in the morning which was always the stongest time. Its a nice feeling walking out the door with my head not up my arse. It eventually comes but its nowhere near as bad as it was with ciggies. I may try reducing the liquid strength and try to give up altogether as I dont enjoy vaping like I did a ciggie.

  • Real Name Tommy, big surprise.

    How I heard about... Can't remember was it here on boards or some other web site, just glad I did.

    Did I stop smoking? Oh yeah and so easy compared to the gum. Not painless exactly but at least you have a fighting chance rather than a chance of fighting. I was an antichrist anytime I quit before an the gum just got chewed till I was sick.

    How long off.. 2 weeks an counting.

    Device one of these. Ordered some RY4 at 24mg, will be going to 18 or 11 mg next time. Surprised at how strong the nic is in the juice.

    Will I stop Vaping Duno maby, A bit like asking a person on a diet 'when are you going to stop eating now you got as far as eating low-fat foods'

    Might give an opinion on the starter kit in another thread if noobs are interested in my thoughts.

  • Real Name: Barry
    How I heard about Vaping: A mate of mine told me about a guy at work who was selling ecigs....gave the site a look, and ordered a 3 pack of disposables. They weren't the best devices ever, but it got me googling, and my next purchase was the ego-T. Haven't looked back.
    Did I Stop Smoking?: Yep, from 20 marley lights a day, stopped the day my ego-T arrived. Didn't cost me a thought. I'd tried to quit smoking about a million times in the last 5 years, the misses almost divorced me a few times :eek:. Honestly couldn't see the day coming that i wouldn't be buying 20 every morning...
    Length of Time Stopped: ~6 months.
    Devices: Bulli A2 on an ego at work, and out and about. At home I also use the bulli on a ProVari. Had been using clearomizers and tanks, once i got the bulli, haven't bought a another atomizer since..I have a toolbox full of 510 carto's, clearomizers, tanks, drip tips and about 50 bottles of juice.
    How and What I Vape: I vape 18mg RY4 pretty much all day everyday. Current favs are Janty, and ivapour elixer (both 50\50). Not a big fan of tobaccos, or vaping is alot less than i used to smoke at work, same at home....if i'm sitting on the couch with a few beers, i'll vape away like a chimney...

  • Real Name Evelyn

    How I heard about Vaping Sister got an e-cig from the chemist so I tried it and researched - found mewso's thread

    Did I stop smoking? Yes and no - found vaping too strong first thing in the morning so had one rollie a day for ages, waiting on new stuff to arrive so have been smoking for the last 3 days and its horrible :(

    Lenght of time vaping Around 3 months

    Device Ego-t with Dual Coil Cartomisers & Clearomisers (waiting on an Arry Tank)

    Will I stop Vaping Can't say for sure, I love to vape and unless we find out it's very harmful I don't see the need to

  • Real Name: Sarah

    How I heard about vaping: A friend told me about it, was not convinced, then he told me about the throat hit and I realised that was what was missing from other things I had tried before. Then I googled and found Mewso's thread :)

    Length of Time Vaping: 5 months now (Happy Days!)

    Device: EGO Tank

    Will I stop Vaping?: Don't know, I was smoking 20 JP Blue until the day I started vaping and I really do not want to go back to that and I don't think I will :) It's funny because I got my tank on a Friday evening and charged it but was afraid to try it just because it might work. I didn't want it to work because I would miss my cigarettes so badly (as had happened on any previous attempts to stop) but that next day when I started kept going for me with no pain and no cravings and was really amazed at how I did not need a cigarette. So if my vaping continues then that's fine with me :) I have noticed all my old habits of smoking have died e.g. needing to have five in the morning before work and breakfast :eek: now I find I use it when I am kinda stationary mostly - in the car or on the computer. I have more time to do things now than when I was a smoker which is cool :D At the moment about 30mls is lasting me a month.