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The Electronic Cigarettes Charter - Vendors please read

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    1. Please DO NOT POST about your business, link to it or respond to queries/complaints. You may only do so if you become part of the Verified Rep. programme (contact [email protected])
    2. P.m. me who you are and the url of your site.
    3. You are welcome to post as a general user of e-cigs but rightly or wrongly it is a banable offence to spam/shill your site/business unless you are a Verified Rep.
    4. If you want to be listed as a vendor on our list at http://www.vapingireland.com then p.m. me as per item 2. I am also happy to list your discount codes and deals.
    5. Read the posts below for further important info.


    N.B. - The most important point I need to make is that due to being a sub-forum of "Giving up Smoking" I feel it is necessary to point out that Electronic Cigarettes are not an approved method for giving up smoking and are simply considered by "Vapers" to be a superior alternative to smoking. Do not come into this forum complaining that we are making any claims of the smoking cessation kind or recommending cold turkey instead etc. or your stay will be short.

    N.B. 2 - Please please read the introduction before asking a question. Don't go asking what you should buy as a 30 a day Silk Cut person when it's addressed there.

    As a sub-forum of Giving up Smoking this forum will follow a similar charter to that and the parent forums. I prefer to give people at least 2 strikes before bannings but thats not a rule just an aspiration and of course there are obvious exceptions like personal abuse. So the usual:-

    1. Personal Abuse - Banning.
    2. Representing an E-Cig vendor without being open and honest about it - Banning.
    3. Off Topic threads and messing - anything from 1/2/3/0 strikes and banning.
    4. Links to official studies/research must accompany any claim re. health, medical stuff in terms of E-Cigs.
    5. To post in the For Sale/Bargain Alerts thread you must have at least 5 posts on boards. If you don't your post will be deleted.

    Thats about it. I'll leave the thread open for suggestions.


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    An issue has reared it's head on the forum in a couple of threads re. vendors advertising/linking to their own site.

    At the end of the day boards has to protect it's own interests and a free for all can't be the result of any decision. No matter how well intentioned any owner of a business might be they will inevitably answer mainly posts from people looking for something they can sell them and ignore people who want something they don't provide meaning it's not a case of me or you as ordinary Joe Soaps posting links to be generally helpful.

    I have no issue with people who have been asking me about this but because it has come up I want to remind people here that if they represent a business that deals in electronic cigarettes and have been posting here with links to their site without any declaration of who they are and what they represent then they run the risk of being banned for good and all their posts removed with their site black listed in bright colours in the links thread. That is a promise as of now. Yes there is no guarantee we'll find them out but why risk it?

    Declare who are you to me in pm or here and cease posting links to your site until you have gained Verified Rep. status.

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    Hi Mewso

    Have just sent you a PM. I've just become a vendor officially at Irish Vapefest. I replied to a couple of posts here since last Saturday but with zero info about anything I sell, all general info threads....I'll email boards.ie and hope I haven't caused a fuss.

    Kindest regards

    Cass :)

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    Just as an aside I PM'd Boards and they never bothered to reply...

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    You're grand to talk amongst us, just don't be all "well, I was at this awesome site...'PureVapour' I think it was called..."

    And don't be like trog either: "Well, I know the product you're looking for but I'm not allowed to say who sells it...he he he".
    Inference is still advertising.

    Damn you, stupid boards rules!

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    You did a great impression of Trog there actually......he he he....

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