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Shipping a gun from abroad

  • 26-07-2011 5:33am
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    Hey there
    I am moving home from abroad and want to send my gun back. It's less than 1 joule I'm sure.
    Most questions seem to refer to buying and shipping a gun online.

    However as I already own my gun, what can I expect from customs? They're not going to charge me anything?
    Can I just ship it normally through the post or is there something special I need to write?



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    The import ban (for the most part) has not been enforced yet.
    so currently it should be ok to ship them home.

    Or another option to be safe might be to approach an retailer here
    that may agree to let you post the guns to them to be safe.

    If you already own the guns I would have thought that it may still count as import,
    as your bringing them into the country, a bit like buying booze or cigarettes outside of Ireland, they belong to you but your limited to how many you can import into the country.
    (Or thats what I would think! but could be wrong) Not sure how it will work post ban,
    if people want to travel abroad to skirmish and back, would be much handier if they were classified as sporting equipment rather than RIF)

    The part about the ban not being enforced yet I reckon maybe because
    the Irish retailers still need to be issued with Permits/Licences or
    something that officially shows that they can still import Post Ban
    so the assumption would be that would need to be in place before Joe Bloggs gets hit with not being able to personally import.


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    ok the important questions to ask so we can give you the right information is which country are you moving from?

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    I asked a similar question of the IAA before. You can see their response here (half way down the page).

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    Puding wrote: »
    ok the important questions to ask so we can give you the right information is which country are you moving from?

    I'm sending it from Japan. A Tokyo Marui M16 :-)
    Was going to sell it here but the shops give next to nothing for secondhand gear plus I'd like to get back into it at home.

    Thanks for the info. Looks OK enough to send it. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes!

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    sorry to drag up this old thread.

    Just wanted to let you know that it got through no problems. So as of the beginning of October, no problems importing a gun.

    Hopefully, useful info for someone out there. :pac:

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