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Surfing California

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    I am heading to California shortly and will be around San Francisco and Santa Cruz area. Anyone been and can you recommend beaches where I can surf and not get into the whole localism issues. I looked online and Cowells seems like a good option but will the surf be too small. I am intermediate but don't want to go out to any reefs. Any good places to rent decent gear?



  • hi, I am just wondering if you ever did surf in California... heading there myself in march, same predicament as yourself. any suggestions for a nice long board break

  • Pro tip going to America - don't get shot.

  • There is a few board rental places down on Cowells.

    If you go this time of year, and get a surf in mid week, it should be quiet.
    Steamers is a great wave very near cowells, def go for a look, and if its quiet and not too intimidating, well worth a surf.

    Place I got a board from last time was close to boardwalk side of cowells, they let me rent it for a few days, Went to moss landing also, loads of peaks, a bit creepy if out on your own,
    And scotts creak, which is further up the road towards San Fran. Dumpy waves, hard work, and a bit Sharky apparently, i didn't see any, but people told me after.

    Go visit Haut Surf shop, cool little place, super friendly in there. They don't rent, but they shape nice boards.

    There are loads and loads of little beaches there. Capitola is next to Santa Cruz and has nice spots too. I found people in shops friendly with good advice.
    If you like mountain biking, its also well worth renting a bike and trying to get out with a local group. Trails up near USC are awesome.

  • cheers blogaclese, surfed cowells and steamers for a finish, oh man what a wave, just unreal. great spot and friendly, pure mellow vibe. surfed mid week and it was quiet but in the afternoon it sure did get crowded, paddling out a kid ran into my side with a soft board. pure accident but it dos get crowded, earlier the better.