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Mixed groups

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    What's the deal with mixed groups? Do the have to provide separate camping areas/toilet facilities for boys and girls, ie, buy double equipment. What about getting changed out of uniforms in scout hall if only one room exists.


  • You definitely have to have seperate camping and toilet facilities, this is mentioned in Scouting Ireland's camping guidelines:
    12. Adequate privacy for all individuals should be available on camp. It is imperative that separate
    sleeping, toilet and washing accommodation be available for males and females. If using indoor
    accommodation, only indoor accommodation that can supply, or be adapted to supply, adequate
    privacy for all individuals should be used.

    The code of good practice makes a similar statement:
    Appropriate sleeping and washing arrangements are in operation to protect personal and
    gender boundaries.

    The same would apply for weekly meetings, you should have separate toilet facilities.

    I wouldn't be happy having boys and girls changing in the same room during meetings, as I don't think that that would constitute adequate privacy. If you're unsure about any of these issues you could always get in touch with the Child Protection Officer ([email protected]).

  • We've also had an issue with boys bringing pornography on camps and masturbating in tents. What is the best way to deal with this issue as girls in tents near by can hear their "actions", (this isn't an Irish group)