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SDCC: New product announcements.

  • 21-07-2011 10:31pm
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    Edit: Voyager and DX Wave 3 are currently shipping to retailers.

    Remember: Availability of any of these through standard retail is not guaranteed.

    Black Shadow (Thunderwing retool)

    Future toys:

    G1 Arcee is on the table.
    Springer was ruled out for now.

    DOTM DX Wave 5

    Dark Iron (Sideswipe retool..BW quickstrike themed)
    Air Raid (Awacs plane)
    Armor Top Spin

    DOTM DX Wave 6

    Wheeljack (not named Que)

    No news on Mirage/Dino. Hasbro said maybe in the future...which indicates there's no actual licensing in place.

    Human Alliance.

    Soundwave towards end of year.
    W/Gould and Laserbeak.

    Defintiely rather scant on product announcements.

    Rumors circulating from a supposedly reliable source that there will be leader Shockwave and Megatron next year, but not a peep from Hasbro on it.

    Transformers Prime: December launch in U.S.
    2012 in Europe.

    DX Eradicon
    DX Cliffjumper
    DX Zombie Clifjumper

    Voyager Prime
    Voyager Bulkhead

    Resin proto: Dx Knock out.

    Shots of protos for DX Wheeljack and Voyager Skyquake were also shown.
    As well as in progress resin proto of Starscream.......with Electronics.

    This is the first time a Voyager toy has had electronics since Cybertron.

    Hasbro staff also said that a Generations G1 Arcee is on the table.

    Specfic question was asked about Springer: That's no on the table at the moment.