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  • 20-07-2011 2:23am
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    Hi guys

    I need to buy a USB PCI 2.0 for my PC, but don't know if there are any specific ones I should get or are they all generally the same?

    I've attached a Speccy file of my hardware, hope it helps. I've seen a few PCI cards online but have no clue whether they will be compatable with my motherboard or not! :D I'm able to fit one, just clueless about hardware in general...:confused:



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    Just open up your case and look to see if you have a free PCI slot.
    Make sure it's not any other slot like an AGP slot (although I'm guessing that that is already occupied).
    Picture shows an AGP and two PCI.

    Your computer needs some updating. :o We're on USB 3 now but I don't think that regular PCI slots are fast enough to accommodate a card.

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    LOL Monotype, my computer is ancient! :o

    Can I not remove the USB2 and replace with a USB3? I'm also wondering if my PC will accept 3.0? Although, being 2003, probably not.....

    File attached of the motherboard specs. :)

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    You'd need a PCI-Express slot for a USB 3 card, which was not really around for that era of computers.

    PCI-Express = new faster slot
    PCI = older, slower. You should have a few of these.

    You can't replace the ports which are there, but you can add more.

    PCI is too slow for USB 3. There are a few cards, but you won't get the full benefit.
    They're quite expensive -

    The PCI USB 2 ones are very cheap though. Here's a Belkin one.

    But pretty much any one will do the job.

    Just remember, it's PCI that you're looking for - not express!

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    I saw the Belkin one myself on Amazon but wasn't sure if it would be compatable. In fact, your second link was the search I got when I looked for PCI 2.0. It's great to know I can upgrade without spending too much at the moment. At the moment I keep getting the message to use higher speed ports when I connect anything, and I don't have

    Thanks Monotype, you've been a great help! :)

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    If your computer is that old, you probably don't have ports on the font. It might be worth your while buying an extension too.

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    I actually use a really naff flashes lights and can also hold a mobile phone! As all the ports are on the back of the tower, it's difficult to get to them, and this makes life a bit easier... biggrin.gif

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    :D Very extravagant!