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The Weeknd

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    Registered Users Posts: 1,431 Hugh Cream

    Anyone feeling these guys/guy?
    dont know much about the artist but ive just gotten into that mixtape house of balloons, damn good i must say.

    is it a group, one person, whats the deal?


  • love this song.

  • That's one of my favourites as well, as far as I know it's 3 guys, the singer, whose name is Abel something or other, and the two others who handle most of the production.

    My favourite album / mixtape of the last few months. Absolutely incredible IMO.

    He did a great remix of Drake's "Trust Issues" as well, you should check it out, it's tight ;)

  • Just had a listen to the guys stuff, its pretty good.

    I think its one fella, not a group, but he may have an additional production team.

    Good music all in all, like the way he's sort of R&B but with a twist.

  • It's just one guy. He's known as being a recluse as well and not liking the spotlight. She he doesnt really tour or do many live performances.

  • I'm a huge fan too. Wicked Games was the first song of his I heard and have been hooked ever since.

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