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Ideas for work

  • 08-07-2011 4:10pm
    Registered Users Posts: 36 ✭✭✭ ladam

    Okay so two questions from me ...

    Firstly, I work in a creche and one of our walls is made up of windows ... We want to paint the bottom half of them to keep some privacy for the children and to make the room look colorful. At the moment we have water and fishes painted on but its looking a bit shabby now so we want something new but we cant think of what to do, any ideas? And if so any pictures to give examples.

    Secondly, I work with 1-2 year old's and personally I don't feel like we do enough with the children. They play the same toys over and over and we don't do any table top activity or anything. I've tried my best but the supervisor is lazy basically. I feel its unfair on the children for their development, has anyone any eg. daily routines for this age group or different ideas for what we could do? They're at such an important age so help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks :)


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 253 ✭✭ Pinklady11

    For the window I would recommend doing something seasonal, as it's summer you could do a meadow with flowers and trees and some animals.

    As for activities it breaks my heart when the owners/supervisors lack interest in the childrens activities. When I worked in such situations I often went to Euro shops and bought art and craft items out of my own pocket. I would suggest if you have flour available in the creche to make up your own play dough, it's very easy with recipe online. Another i used to find a favorite with the children was Gloop. It's cornflower and water and if available food colouring although not really necessary. Would make sure the kids wear aprons or something to protect their clothes as it gets very messy! But they love it!

    You could also get empty bottles, tubes of different sizes, fill them with different items such as rice, water, pasta, basically anything. Then get the children to help decorate them. I know it might sound simple but the children love shaking them to hear the different sounds!

    Would also suggest finger painting. I use to photocopy pictures from colouring books, squirt some paint on the sheet and let the kids use their hands to spread it out over the paper. It's easier for kids of that age to use their hands rather than a paintbrush. Simple but they enjoy it and it's something to put on the walls. really good for childrens confidence to see their artwork displayed and then send it home to the parents at the end of the week/month.

    I'll try to think of other things for you. And fair play to you for making the effort. Childcare is not the easiest of jobs at the best of times and having supervisors that don't care makes all the harder. It's nice to find people with a genuine interest and really care about their job.

    Good luck.

  • Registered Users Posts: 36 ✭✭✭ ladam

    Thank you so much. Actually made playdoh the last few weeks and did body painting (only because supervisor was out) but they really enjoyed messy play. Definitely going to try gloop. Also love the bottle idea ...Thanks for the ideas :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 765 ✭✭✭ ger vallely

    in the same line of work myself. it is so important to keep them all interested and trying out new things. Buy a salad spinner in any shop-mine was €3 in Lidl. Mix poster paints with some water to help them spread easy. Place half of an A4 page in the spinner, let the children choose which colour paints they want. You them blob the paint onto the page,use maybe 3-5 colours. Let them put the lid on and spin it. The pictures turn out beautiful and different each time. You can add sparkles when it's done or paint a border on to the picture.Music always entertains the children. A bag of instruments,built up over time can keep them well happy. Sit them all down on the floor,empty out the bag and have them all play along to their favoutite songs. Also, a very cheap,plain roll of wall paper laid out,put aprons on and let them work away painting the paper with their hands. It is messy and cannot usually be kept afterwards but they do love it. I'm guessing you have done the usual kinds of things-making jellyfish with paper plates and crepe paper, having different themes(space, beach, seasons,jungle,farm etc). Sometimes I find if I come up with a theme it becomes very easy to plan activities around this. Even dances to go with the theme.Best of luck with it and I will also try come back with more ideas.