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Document classes

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    Does anyone actually use any of the other ones apart from article? I did use Book for my thesis and Report for a handful of documents up and down. It's only recently I've discovered some of the handier ones like exam and letter.


  • I use amsart (American Mathematical Society article) most often: good for articles with mathematics and nicer defaults than article. I use letter sometimes and I use the memoir class for a substantial document: it's like book, but with lots of bells and whistles. I hadn't heard of the exam class, but it looks like it might be really useful to me, thank you!

  • I use the Koma-script letter class a lot (as in, for every letter I write). I've done some documentation with the book class, and I know I've used report in the past. The moderncv class produces a very pretty CV.

    The memoir class looks nice, I reckon I'll get some use out of that.

  • I've used the IEEEtran class which is pretty much the standard for Maths/Engineering papers. I've also tried using the beamer class for presentations, but I honestly think it's more trouble than it's worth - I don't really see the advantages over, say, the article class for putting together a pdf presentation, particularly if, like me, you don't want your slides clogged up with unnecessary headers and footers.

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  • I've used IEEEtran as well, but I only found it useful for doing a fully formatted version. When I've used the "for review" mode it's always more hassle than just article.

    Forgot, I also use sciposter - very handy, but there's at least another poster class as well that I don't know the name of.

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  • Red Alert wrote: »
    Forgot, I also use sciposter - very handy...
    Ooooooh, that could be useful. Ta.

  • I normally use the memoir class, since it makes customisation easier. It can also mimic the standard classes, e.g. when called as \documentclass[article]{memoir} it will behave like the article class. For job applications I have used the letter class and for my CV I use the moderncv class. I haven't published in any journal yet, so I haven't used any of the journal specific classes.