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Frontier (Bray) - No group

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    Ive been thinking of going for paintball some/this Saturday in Frontier in Bray, but it's damn difficult to organise a group.

    Anyone know if they let people (maybe just 2 or 3 people) join up a group thats already organised a day?



  • Frontier can have up to 350 people onsite on any given weekend day. So all groups that arrive are usually split and placed on the same two teams. So if you had a group of 10, you'd probably be split 5 on 5 on a larger team of maybe 20 a side. You'd be against each other but in the same games all day. I think it works much better that way, much more competition and fun.

    But they often have smaller groups, so if there was 2 or 3 of you, you'd be kept together on the same side. Theres no minimum group size.

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