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Cork / Galway Motor Way Stop/Rest Limerick

  • 02-07-2011 3:50am
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    For all you night time Motor Way travelers out there.
    If you happen to be exhausted from driving on the M7 Motorway at night, and passing through Limerick. A good option for you is to take EXIT 29 on the M7 Limerick, and head for also known as

    It's very easy to find in Ballysimon, Limerick, and only a minuets drive from the motorway itself.

    For €20, you can have a few hours sleep in a bed, a sauna, a hot shower, and free tea coffee! and refreshments and free parking, even for big trucks!

    That is of course, if you don't mind sharing the place with loads of gay men! That said, it's a very nice handy spot for a weary traveler, and a hell of a lot better than falling a sleep at the wheel of your car


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    what an odd post, is it an advert for a motel or for Gaylib perhaps.

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    Is there a filling station?

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    Locking strange thread.

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