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***READ THIS FIRST - Forum Charter (The Rules) - READ THIS FIRST***

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    A charter is a list of rules.

    This is the list of rules for the Newbies & FAQ forum. (You should always read the charter of a forum before you post there to become familiar with their rules)

    PLEASE read this short post before doing anything else!

    If you're reading this, the chances are you're new to boards. This forum is here primarily to help new boards.ie users to find their feet, learn how things work, and ask questions. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Questions that we are asked all the time by new boards.ie users.

    If you are not new to the site, the chances are you're here because you have a question about how to do something. For your convenience, we have compiled another list of Frequently Asked Questions that regular boards.ie ask us all the time.

    Sometimes, new users post in this forum by mistake because they are overwhelmed due to the amount of forums on boards. If you post something in this forum which is not a question about boards, we will move it to a more suitable forum while you learn your way around.

    This is something we will only do once or twice per person, and it is expected that you will familiarise yourself with the structure of the site, so you can learn the location of the forums you want to use, which will mean you won't need our help anymore, and we can move on to the next new boards.ie user.

    • Feel free to introduce yourself on the Introductions thread and remember the 3 golden rules:

      1. Attack the post, never the poster. In other words, don't make it personal. If you wish to debate a topic or rebut a statement, insulting any boards.ie user will only get you in trouble. You are free to have a go a their argument. You are not free to have a go at them.
      2. Don't use text speak. The use of txtspk is strictly forbidden in all forums on boards.
      3. Don't be a dick. In other words, behave yourself. Treat other people with respect, be nice, friendly, rational, and most of all... have fun!

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