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Monaghan Town BuskFest

  • 15-06-2011 9:42pm
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    Hey all

    On the 23rd of June until the 27th Monaghan Town will be hosting 2 festivals. 1 is called the forge inn festival,its all about steel crafting and stuff but the other is called Monaghan BuskFest. It will be taking place at night in the An Poc Fada on the North Road and Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th we are going to have music and buskers on the band stand in the Diamond from 12 till 6pm then to the Poc Fada for an open mic jam and live bands.

    We are doing this with zero funding from the arts council or any other companies so please come out and support it and if it goes well then hopefully we will be able to do it again. Any money raised over the weekend will go to a charity that helps kids and adults with disabilities both mental and physical and the bands and organisers are not getting a cent for this so please come and support free music from all over the country!!!!

    Check out the facebook link at


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    More fun outside Monaghan town as well with the National cycling competition Men's race taking place tomorrow starting from Scotstown village (7 minutes from Monaghan). From there they travel to Knockatallon, tydavnet, Ballinode and back to Scotstown for 7 laps (175 kms). Lots of big names in cycling, and a great place for the competition.
    Knockatallon was the venue for the John Murray Show walk in May, and it was a great day for everyone.
    C'mon everybody, Monaghan is the place to be this weekend!!

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    And we got the blacksmith thing on aswell!!!! We were telling people today about the cycling and so hopefully some of the tourists will go and take a look for themselves.

    Lets get the Monaghan spirit and show people what we are made off

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    thanks to everyone who came to An Poc Fada over the weekend and made the Monaghan Busk-Fest a success. We hope you all enjoyed it

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    Well done to everyone involved with the Emyvale cycling club on excellent preparation and handling of the national cycling competition. It was a brilliant race, with 109 registered for the men's elite event which was won in a photo finish. Fair dues to the community owned Sliabh Beagh hotel, Knockatallon which was a wonderful feeding station for everyone. It was only brilliant.
    All in all a great weekend for all our Monaghan visitors.

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    Well done on the race guys. Maybe next year we can put the 2 festivals together and you guys can cycle and the power generated can power the amps and speaker for the music haha.

    Its great to have monaghan finally doing something different.

    Well down to you all again from us all here at the Buskfest


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