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Feedback Charter - please read before you post *updated 18/04/18*

  • 05-05-2011 11:59am
    Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 10,340 LoLth

    Feedback Charter

    Posting in feedback implies that you have read and agree to abide by the charter, please be sure to familiarise yourself with the requirements as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

    To post in Feedback, you must have 100 posts on the site and have been a registered member for at least 3 months. Anyone closing their account will be subject to this restriction on any new account opened. The Help Desk will still be available to anyone wishing to raise an issue but who does not satisfy these conditions.

    What is Feedback

    This forum is for feedback on related issues. It is a place for you to comment and air your opinion on issues that have a site-wide relevance, or offer suggestions on ways to improve user experience on the site.

    It is an opportunity for the users to interact with the Mods/CMods/Admins on equal footing and receive answers to questions.

    (This is not a forum to appeal against a decision by a Moderator against you, for that you should use the Dispute Resolution Procedure which you can find HERE. If you have a query, need help, or wish to discuss issues with a forum or moderation, please use the Help Desk, which you can find HERE) (though we would advise you to contact a Moderator first to discuss the issue reasonably). Finally, the Site Development forum should be used to discuss technical issues. Any threads started in Feedback on such issues will be moved to the more relevant forum.

    The Rules:

    While leeway will be given in discussions to allow a topic to be discussed as openly as possible the normal rules of apply.

    Issues raised in Feedback need to be clearly set out in the OP. Replies must be on-topic, and users should not use existing threads simply to highlight their own issues that do not relate to the underlying topic.

    Users under a ban from a forum
    Users currently serving a ban from a forum with a duration over 1 month are not allowed to post on feedback threads concerning that forum. Once the ban is lifted or the term has ended, then the user is more than welcome to participate. This is to stem a growing trend of banned users hijacking threads to either appeal a ban or take the opportunity to make life more difficult for the Mod or Mods that imposed the ban in the first place. Any post reported, if posted after this amendment to the charter and during a ban period will be investigated. Any user found breaking this rule will have a ban from feedback imposed on them, without warning, that will only be lifted when their original forum ban has expired or has been lifted. To appeal a ban, please use the Dispute Resolution forum and follow the procedure.

    Abuse toward a poster will not be tolerated. This is a forum for opinions and while you may not agree with an opinion you do not have the right to abuse the poster. You may, however, offer reasons why you think the opinion is incorrect.

    Trolling in feedback is not allowed and will only receive a single warning before a ban. Multiple trolling posts may result in a straight ban without warning.

    Off topic threads will be moved to a relevant forum with a redirect link that will expire in one week. If a relevant forum cannot be found the thread will be closed with a note explaining why.

    Feedback is not trial by popularity:
    If your thread gets 1000 supporters it will still be up to the Mods of the forums, the CMods of the category and the admins of the site to decide if it has merit. This is not because of any ideas of power or control, it is because the Mods/CMods/Admins may have a perspective that extends beyond a single forum and have access to information that users do not or cannot have that lends weight to an argument or show it to be impossible. Similarly, decisions taken by Mods should be discussed with co-Mods and possibly Category Mods before being enacted. If a Moderator agrees with you, that does not necessarily mean your ideas will definitely be actioned.

    Internet memes
    No answering a feedback post with internet memes including, but not limited to, pictures of cats with quotes, cartoon Mexicans, photoshopped images , images from the internet meme generator or any other internet meme/phrase such as "your momma" "cool story bro" etc. If you wish to respond to feedback or to expand on details provided by another user then fine, do so but no more thanks whoring or post count padding. Memes with be responded to with an infraction (yellow card) on first offense, red on second, short ban on third with increasing ban lengths following.

    This thread will be locked and stickied, any discussion of the charter should be held in the discussion thread HERE

    As a result of discussion (or if deemed necessary), this charter may be updated or changed. A notice will be posted to inform users and this thread will be updated to maintain a log of changes made.

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