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Wanted: Small Boombox with memory stick (USB) support?

  • 02-05-2011 8:24am
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    A basic, small CD\Radio Stereo on a shelf in the kitchen has given up the Ghost.

    My previous habits involved burning lots of CDR's and carting them down to that room to have access to music. I do use digital media, but still , until recently, enjoyed having a small pile of CD's to root through..

    I am currently a Sansa user, previous life of using Apple products and iTunes, have no urge to go back to that.

    I'd like to move away from burning CD's and become a little more green.


    I've got my eye on the following: Panasonic SC-PM24


    Seems cheap enough. As far as I can tell, it has direct USB memory stick support. Hard to tell if it supports sub folders, unlikely..

    Not looking for Hi-Fi, just an everyday 'Kitchen player'.

    My budget is under €175. Do any members have recommendations for a small boombox with memory stick (USB) support?