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The Bike Song

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 thefogmeister

    Hey lads (and lasses). Was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a recording of the Bike Song, or at the very least which tune goes to each verse

    Ah, when I was a young lad you ne'er saw the likes.
    I was out of my mind about old motorbikes,
    And when I had money as quick as can be,
    I bought an auld bike second hand in Tralee.

    'Twas a wonderful model though not very new.
    On the front wheels and back wheels, the spokes they were few.
    Instead of a mudguard, I had an old chute.
    Instead of a horn, I had an old flute.

    When one day by the wayside a lady I met.
    On the back she asked was there room.
    So she upped and she got I took off like a shot.
    Biddy Mulligan's the pride of the Coombe,
    My boys, Biddy Mulligan's the pride of the Coombe.

    So we started in low gear then changed into high gear,
    And up through the mountains went roaring.
    The people up there they thought it was a train
    By the way the old engine was roaring.

    She was coming down the mountain like a truck.
    She was coming down the mountain like a truck.
    She was coming down the mountain, coming down the mountain
    When old Biddie oh! She said so very meek.

    Oh, Danny boy, the bike, the bike 'tis breaking.
    We'll surely fall if you don't pull the brake.
    The mudguard's gone. The handlebars are shaking.
    We'll surely fall into the bloody lake.

    The pale moon was rising above the green mountain.
    The bike was going nicely as you'd like to see,
    When we struck a great rock laid down by the council
    And got a great puncture in the vale of Tralee.

    Aaaaaahhhhh, hold on Bet, says I, we'll get an awful bumping.
    I handed her the pump and I let her do the pumping,
    And when she had it fixed, in top gear I did put it,
    And I set off alone and I let auld Biddie foot-it,
    With me Tooraloorala with me tooralooraladdie,
    With me tooraloorala with me tooralooraladdie.

    Sad verse.

    I looked over my shoulder and I struck a great big boulder.
    The petrol tank exploded without warning.
    The bike she took a notion to cross the blimey ocean
    And we ended up in (where ever you like, usually the place you're singing it in) in the morning.