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Unsung Hero Campaign & East Finglas Scouts

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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking to drum a bit of support for my unit's leader - Valerie Murphy of 75th/95th East Finglas - who is nominated for an Unsung Hero award for the Finglas & Blanchardstown areas.

    It's being run by Ford and offers prizes of anything between €1,000 and €20,000 for the ten people who get through to the final. As you can imagine any amount of money would be hugely beneficial to us so it would be great to be given that chance.

    Anyway - in order to get through to the final we've got to get votes and that's why I'm posting here. If you've got a minute to spare please go to, select Valerie Murphy and enter your e-mail address when prompted. You should get a mail to confirm and once you click that your vote will be registered.

    You can vote once a day so please do come back and vote again if you can. You might notice leaders from a Blanchardstown unit are also nominated so by all means show them support and keep it all in the family!

    Thanks for your help & time.