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Which episode of buffy did you like best?

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    hi everyone so happy i found these threads,
    I got the Buffy box-set last month and im on season seven already, i don't want it to end :(
    I have loved every bit of it, i have had a love/hate relationship with all the characters, is it just me or do others sometimes want to strangle Dawn?!

    I have the Angel box-set ordered so that will keep me happy for a while, i hear its pretty good.

    Anyway just wondering what your favorite episodes are?

    So far mine would have to be Hush season 4 with the Gentleman...

    Can't even shout

    Can't even cry

    The Gentlemen are coming by

    Knocking on windows

    Knocking on doors

    They need to take seven

    And they might take yours

    Can't call to mom

    Can't say a word

    You're gonna die screamin'

    But you won't be heard...


  • Don't have any singel favourite episode. Probably prefer the funny/unusual episodes than to the dramtic episodes. One of these would be my favourite:

    The Zeppo & Doppelgangland (s3)
    The Body (s5)
    Conversations with dead people (s7)

  • ahh so many favorite episodes. top one would probably be the musical, once more with feeling.

  • Too hard to choose just one favourite, but I think the best episodes are:

    The Zeppo (Season 3)
    Earshot (Season 3)
    Pangs (Season 4)
    Hush (Season 4)
    A New Man (Season 4)
    The Replacement (Season 5)
    The Body (Season 5)
    Once More With Feeling (Season 6)

    Every episode is great, but those in particular stand out in my memory as ones I thoroughly enjoyed. If a gun was put to my head and I was forced to pick an out and out favourite, I'd probably go with the Zeppo...

  • Tough question ...
    I don't think I really have one fav episode, but some that I like and currently can think of are

    Lie To Me (S2)
    Becoming 1+2 (S2 finale)
    Hush (S4) and
    Once More With Feeling (S6)

    I enjoyed the entire series, though.
    But Angel was still better. ;)

  • I have certain favourite moments as opposed to episodes like when Giles reprimands Xander for speaking latin in front of the books or when Spike reveals that Angel was around at Thanksgiving, or the opening scene to one of the final Glory episodes when Buffy punches a vampire into a pile of garbage and a stake comes flying out just ready to be used by her like her sole purpose in life is just to slay vampires. Actually I'll contradict myself a little and say that the native american episode was quite funny and truthful with Spike as ever providing some devastating arguments which just cut through all the bs about colonist/native relations. That reminds me the meat palace episode was quite entertaining, found the quintessential shock last appearance of the villain alien head from the vat to be amusing, and again some great dialogue with Spike basically telling Buffy she can do better than working at the meat palace. Thought SMGs acting was really good there too in conveying the despondency of being in a dead end job after trying to do everything right, eg going to college.

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  • I got my Angel boxset and just starting season three , love love love it. I may stop reading these threads because I just seen that Gunn gets Fred killed the f*cker !:mad:

    I love the way every now and then the Buffy characters pop into Angel. :)

  • I don't know the names of the episodes, but I love the finale of season 2. I always thought Angel was a better character when he was evil.

    Also love Faith, especially the episode in Season 4 when she wakes up from the coma and her and Buffy switch bodies.

    Too many great episodes to list them all

    <3 Buffy

  • Hush immediately sprung to mind

    most disturbing daemons by far

  • I thought of 2 other episodes that I loved.

    The one where Buffy has to go to hospital and Death is there, killing all the kids. One of the earlier episodes but I loved it.

    Also the one where Buffy and Angel become possessed in the school and start to re-enact the story of the teacher who fell for her student and he shot her. I loved that episode.

  • No mention of Restless or The Body? They're probably my favourite, along with Hush.

    Restless is one of the best representations of dreams I've ever seen on screen, The Body is so brilliantly dark, and an amazing representation of what it's like to lose someone close to you. Hush for reasons mentioned above.

    I also thought the soundtrack on all of these was interesting. The ost for Restless was cool and eerily dreamlike, without the bombast of much of the series. The Body was aired without any score at all (and if it'd been made now, it probably would have aired without opening titles too). Hush needed a very complex soundtrack to express the mood of the story because there was no dialogue.

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  • The Hush
    The Body

    There really is so many to choose from though, but Restless would be my faveroute of the lot. The scene with Xander & Principal Schneider as a Colner Kurtz style figure is fantastic.

  • Right, okay. I'll try to go in order of seasons.

    School Hard
    Lie to Me
    Surprise & Innocence
    Becoming Part 2
    Band Candy
    The Wish
    Fear, Itself
    Fool for Love
    The Body
    Life Serial
    Once More, With Feeling
    Tabula Rasa
    Normal Again
    Conversations With Dead People

    I don't have many favourites, obviously :P

  • You forgot Storytelling. :P

    Good list though!

  • I think it's Becoming pt 2, I just adore every bit of it especially from the point where Angel has unarmed Buffy and is taunting her, asking her what she has left as he goes to stab her and she claps her hands over the sword and says "me!" Closely followed by Hush for obvious reasons. And third is probably The Prom because it's absolutely heartbreaking, Angel ending their relationship, the scene where she's crying with Willow saying she can't breathe, the bit where she walks into the prom and Giles looks at her to verify everything is safe. Then when she gets her class protector award and Angel comes for a final dance, I cry every time.

    I loved Conversations With Dead People but I don't think the season delivers on the promise set up in that episode so that mars it somewhat in retrospect. Once More With Feeling is an obvious stand-out episode. And I love Enemies, the lead up to the moment where Faith claims she's the world's best actor and Buffy says, "Well, second best," and steps out of the shackles was fantastic. Similar to Anne, which had the fantastic "I'm Buffy. The Vampire Slayer. And you are?"

  • "Dopplegangland" for Buffy and "You're Welcome" for Angel.

    Both very different, but both playing against type (a Vamp Willow and Cordie being noble).

  • Passion. The finest episode of any of Joss's shows.

  • Oooh, good question.

    Phases was always one of my favourites, when I was a kid I just loved Oz :rolleyes:

    Hush, obviously. That's just an amazing episode.

    Fear, Itself - another great one.

    To be honest, I think I liked every episode of Buffy, but just really loved some more than others. Most of my favourites are in the early seasons are the middle. It got very twisted and angsty in the later ones, though it was still entertaining.

  • good question.
    Quite a few favourites:
    The Prom
    The Gift
    The Wish
    The Body
    Normal Again

    My favourite villian in either Buffyor Angel was Glory. My favourite character arc - across Buffy and Angel - was Wesley. I just love the way he went from being Giles light to dark hero...

  • The Gift is my absolute fave, with Something Blue a very close second :D

  • No question - Once More With Feeling closely followed by Hush.
    2 of my favorite episodes of television ever

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  • Once more with feeling and Hush.. They are so far apart as episodes but yet so close. As close to the perfect you will get with 42 minutes of TV.