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What to do with a 5 in number scout troop?

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    Hi there

    I have just rejoined a scout troop and I have discovered that there is only 5 scouts in it....

    I am desperately trying to get them up and running again.... We have a strong cub and beaver pack... they (the scouts) have been helping the cubs out....

    I was wondering anyone had any ideas of things to get these guys to do..... they need some motivation... great kids!



  • Are you looking to find new members? or just do you want some prog. ideas! like!
    Build stuff!
    bivi overnitght!
    Go on a weekend camp!

  • The main thing is, imo, is to keep them active.. The last thing you need is for the 5 to get bored as there's not the craic of a bigger group. It could also be a good oportunity to do some activities that maybe wouldnt be practical with a large number. Our group had always been big (approx 60 scouts alone, discounting beavers cubs etc), but one of the best camps we had was when alot of kids had moved on, dropped out etc, and we toured Ireland in 3 cars with 12 kids. Its easier to jump in the car with a small group rather than organising busses etc... I also find scouting comes in waves of growth, having a stable number and decline. It'll get biggger!

  • Try including the new skills badges in your programme. I think they're brilliant!