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History project- any tips?

  • 14-03-2011 9:46pm
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    I finished my History project quite early in to 5th year-I'm doing it on Audie Murphy, the most decorated US soldier of WW2. I've gone back to my teacher with several drafts and he is more than satisfied with it.

    However, I have friends that switched to a grind school for 6th year, and while they were also complemented on their excellent projects in 5th year, their new teacher is a lot less enthusiastic about them. Obviously a grind school teacher is going to be a bit harsh but that still has me worried.

    So... anybody got tips on how to improve a history project? Any important things to do/avoid? are there ways to mark it myself, to see if I would be marked down on anything?

    Sorry, I realise the question is kind of vague and unspecific, but anyone with useful advice will be rewarded with my everlasting respec'.


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    The key to any history project like this for the Leaving Cert, or even at third level and beyond, is to have a clear idea of what you want to show and how you're going to achieve that. You want to clearly establish what the central idea of you work is in the introduction and then go about making your point very directly. Try to avoid superfluous information, even if it seems interesting.

    The examiners don't want to see that you can list Audie Murphy's achievements; they want to see that you can identify a problem or an idea, research it and then either challenge it or prove it on the page.

    It's as much about the process as well as the result so make sure they can tell that you thought about his achievements, whether or not you felt he deserved his medals, whether you thought the government overhyped his bravery or whatever it may be.

    Good luck with your work. The project will stand you in good stead when you reach college, even if you don't do history. The skills are transferable. :)

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    While I am not familiar with this person, I can tell you that the examining board love something new and exciting, even a different twist on it. If you can discover something different or controversial or something that will make examiners interested and tie it into your essay, it will serve you well.

    Also make sure each paragraph ties into each other. Don't let each paragraph stand completely on its own as if i could be slotted into any part of your essay. Think about why exactly is it in a certain place.

    The Outline plan and evaluation of sources are also very important. Very simple, and very simple to do right. If you do them right your more than likely going to get full marks. I won't write what you should do, incase you already know.. but if you dont just ask and i'll tell ya. I'm sure you do. Just make sure it's done right.

    Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct also.

    And thats really it. Stick to the point, don't waffle and you should do a good project :)

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    Here is something to give you a little solace:

    The average grade for the research topic in History is A.

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    Try to do it on something local even if you can confine it to a particular county, and to hearten you i got an A in it.