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MaZda Software?

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    Does anyone know anything about Mazda image analysis software? It got recommended to me for ultrasound image analysis for my research so I'm wondering if anyone else has used it for other image analysis?


  • I use the Image Processing Toolbox in Matlab for a lot of my image analysis needs. It's also pretty much the standard for this kind of work.

  • I'm using Image Pro software at the moment and it seems to be working fine but MaZda seems to have more options and gives much more details about the pixel intensity etc. of the image.

  • I've no experience of it but looking through their website there isn't anything there Matlab can't do. If you're in a University you more than likely have a Matlab license anyway.

    What kind of analysis do you want to do? Look as histograms of intensity, texture segmentation, edge detection, 3D reconstruction?

  • I'm looking at pregnant and non-pregnant high resolution ultrasound images of bovine uterus and trying to see differences in echo-texture. I'd guess intensity would also be a useful measurement though.

  • Well intensity is your signal, without it you have nothing. However texture is different. Two different textures can have exactly the same intensity distribution.

    Have a look at things like entropy filters, morphological operations and convolution kernels. These are the tools of the trade when looking at texture.

    In terms of edge detection for identifying objects it's hard to beat Otsu's method to threshold and deal with binary images from there.

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