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    Welcome to the Minecraft forum. If you don't know what Miecraft is, check it out here.

    This forum follows the guidelines like any other, familiarise yourself with them. This is one forum of many (approximately 900) on this site each with their own communities and rules, so please remember to read the charter on all forums. Cherryghost and deconduo are the moderators on this forum, so they are here to keep the place ticking over.

    We are fortunate enough to have our own server and you can request access to that in this thread. The server is white-listed, so unless you have been granted access, you will be unable to join. To all intents and purposes, this server is a part of, so the same rules apply on there as here. Griefing and/or deliberate destruction of other people's work will result in a ban on this forum as well as from the server. This server is for any members and that means young, old, male, female, martian, etc are all welcome smile.gif

    There's also a list of other Irish servers here. If you have your own server, please feel free to let us know in this thread. You can also start a thread letting people know the access details and what kind of server it is (PvP, mobs on, etc).

    There's a guide on how to run your own server and how to set it up here, please feel free to add to it or post any queries you have.

    If you play minecraft on the Xbox, you can find a list of other Boardsies here.

    If you have any kind of issue with a person or a subject or something that happened on the server, send a private message to either Cherryghost or deconduo and they'll try to sort it out.

    Thank you for your time and happy building!


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