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Draftsight General Release

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    Draftsight beta finished today and the General Release is now available for download for free from

    For those that don't know about it, basically it is a 2D CAD package that looks and feels like AutoCAD. It reads/writes Acad 2010 DWG files as standard. It can be used in commercial practice also.

    I've been drawing with it for the last few months whilst it was in beta and I find it an excellent replacement for AutoCAD LT.

    If you are looking for a 3D CAD package, this is not for you. If you are looking for a 2D CAD package, check it out, it's free. If you can use AutoCAD, you can use Draftsight.


  • Certainly appears to have all the 2D functions of Autocad, although some of the commands are named differently. Are there no toolbars - is it all based on menus ? Just a small issue that takes a little bit of getting used to. Other than that it seems to work exactly the same.

  • Haven't used it yet, but my SolidWorks reseller said he couldn't believe how much of an AutoCAD copy it was - very similar commands and GUI.

    Dassault used to bundle a free (and rubbish) "DWG viewer" with SolidWorks, but apparently Autodesk objected to having "DWG" in the name. DraftSight is the replacement, and looks like a much better program.

  • Supertech wrote: »
    Are there no toolbars - is it all based on menus ? Just a small issue that takes a little bit of getting used to.

    There are plenty of toolbars. Right click by the menu and you should get the option to click on Toolbars. From there you can turn on or off as many as you want.

  • is it possible to scale drawings in the layout tabs on the bottom before you print, ie like when you set up your viewports for scaling in the drawing...

    really appreciate any tips....

  • Hi,

    if you use Draftsight, you may be interested to download for free 2d drawings compatible with the software:

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  • Does anyone have any good tutorials for this?

    Im trying to create a drawing template? Their ANSI ones dont seem to come up on my download.