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Should I join scouts?

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    I'm gonna be 16 in a month and Ive never done scouting before but my friend is really into it and says I am 'such a scout' but I can't go to hers because the meeting times clash with my band practice and it's too far away. There is one near me in Blackrock but I dunno would it be weird going this late and not knowing anyone, Im a bit shy as well, can talk to people I just can't start conversations with strangers.:)

    Oh and sorry for rambling so long but help would be appreciated :D


  • Oh and when I said cant start conversations with strangers I meant I suck at initiating conversations with people I dont know. Its not that I cant Im just bad at it:)

  • Can't see why you wouldn't. You won't know if you'll enjoy it unless you try.

    As you're 16, you're smack bang in the middle of the Venture Scout age group.
    According to Blackrock's website, they currently meet on Thursday nights in the Den at Seapoint.

    I've been a beaver, cub, scout, and leader in Blackrock, and nearby Newtownpark, so I can vouch for them being a great bunch of people.

    Drop them a line on their website and let them know that you're interested.

    In regards to being nervous about talking to strangers, don't be. They'll be most welcoming and you'll hopefully settle in fairly quickly. If you don't like it, no one will force you to keep attending.

    Give scouts a shot though, I guarantee that it's fun.

  • Thanks for the reply Ron DMC :), I was more thinking that they might not let me or put me with younger kids because I havent done it before and but Im guessing now that isnt how it works.

  • Go for it! There will be people your age and its great fun, however do stick at it for at least 3 weeks as thats about as long as you will need till you feel like you where always there!

  • Ventures is the bes craic I've ever had! Can't speak for all groups but mine (1st Wicklow - Greystones) has such an enthusiastic group! We're away camping all the time and messing at meetings! Wouldn't give it up for the world!

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