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Data Retention Question

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    Hi Everyone,

    First post here.

    I'm interested in the data retention directive from a privacy point of view and would like to ask is the maximum timelimit of 24 months a strict limit in most countries?

    I've read that communicatiions providers are allowed to keep traffic data for longer than the legal limit if they have a commercial reason but I'm unsure if this only applies to countries which have set the limit within their laws to below the maximum of 24 months or if countries are allowed to go beyond the 24 month limit if they think that there is a commercial reason for hold the data.

    Essentially if a country sets its limit at 12 months and a communications provider thinks that the data is relevent for 18 months then that is ok but is it still ok if a country has set the limit to 24 months and the communications provider thinks the data is relevent for 30 - 36 months?

    Thank you for your help