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dog show

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    hi all
    im thinkng of trying to organise a fun dog show for a chairty
    maybe DSPCA or dogs trust ASH or one of those,

    basicaly what i want to do is organise a day at the end of march were dog lovers meet up fora bitof crackand to show off there loved dogs,

    what im thiking is 5 euro entrance fee
    there will be 8 rounds
    1, puppy show 3 places for cutest puppys
    2, adult show 3 places for nice dogs
    3, male owners 3 places
    4,female owners 3 places
    5,kid owners
    6,male dogs 3 places
    7,felmale dogs 3places
    8, best dog over all 3 places
    any dogs any ages any breeds any owners,
    there will be rosettes and prizes

    what will be needed is some were to hold event
    a judge or two
    and of course you to regiester
    every penny goes to an animal shelter
    anyfeed bac would be great to see what becomes of this