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my terrior licks obessively!!!!

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    My pup(long wired terrier) is 7months old and her is very healthy. I feed her wet and dry food and take very good care of him.We love her a lot and is treated like a child :) SHe licks things obsessively! Things like my jeans, peoples hands, etc. And She wont stop SHe licks happily like Shes enjoying it and refuses to stop. Its very annoying. SHe has also always been a chewer. SHe likes to chew on our hands and feet and furniture. But I can understand that almost. The licking I dont understand!


  • Hi our cavalier girl is the same, she is an OBSESSIVE licker, she has been that way since a pup and is 7/8 now. I've gotten used to it at this stage, we think she just has OCD. I've no real useful advice other then when she's licking you just turn away and ignore her till she stops, that way she will learn that if she licks too much she doesnt get attention, its how I get Ali to stop.