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Please comment on my site, thank you

  • 25-01-2011 10:34am
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    Looking at upgrading our web site, any comments on what could be improved on the old one would be great,

    thank you in advance,


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    I don't reckon you need some massive redesign, but the site certainly has some room for improvement. Here's a few suggestions:
    • Dump the Flash. Use jQuery for slideshow like effects.
    • Use decent contrast for your text. The grey text is very bad for readability.
    • Learn properly how SEO works and don't try spam or other 'tricks' - they don't work.
    • Don't use a tables-based layout.
    • Don't use horizontal drop down nav menus.
    • Get your message across better on the homepage.
    • Don't use graphics for headings.
    • Better and larger photos which show your work better.