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Dog in pup on first heat?

  • 25-01-2011 3:48am
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a jack russell pup and she's around six or seven months old I think. Around two weeks ago I noticed half the dogs from my town were hanging around my back garden, after this I seen the blood spots, so it's safe to say she was in heat. I keep her outside most of the time so I can't say for sure whether or not one of the male dogs got to her before I did. What are the general signs of a dog who's in pup?

    I've read a lot online about this, most people say dogs in their first heat shouldn't have pups as it's very dangerous for them. I've also read about emergency spraying, how long into the pregnancy can i get this done and how much does it cost? Also if anyone has had dogs who've had pups in their first heat, how did it go?

    Either way I'll have to take her to vet now just to be safe, but I'm just curious.



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    Yes, they can become pregnant on their first heat. Some vets will spay dogs in early pregnancy (ie about 4 weeks after heat) but you'll have to speak to your own vet about that. There are also injections (some rather pricey) available to abort the pups, but if you do not plan to breed (and it sounds like you don't and shouldn't), spaying is the best permanent preventative.
    One possible complication- emergency cesearian section if pups are large and she's unable to have them (this can be very expensive depending where you live). Also, pups are a LOT of work, so you will have that responsibility if she is pregnant and you allow her to have them. Even if you don't end up with her having emergency surgery, looking after a pregnant bitch can be expensive.

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    You can have an emergancy spay pretty much up until very near the due date.
    She is so small her body might not deal well with pregnancy and she might not know what to do with pups. Also since you don't know who got to her she could of been got at by a much larger dog which is dangerous for her. Good luck at the vets :)

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    I'm not sure how dangerous it is, but if the dad is a big dog then it could be dangerous. Just be aware of that and figure out when she is due, learn to know the signs of a dog having difficulty in labour, because if she has problems she could need a C-section. There could be other problems too, it is risky.

    But I'd say to get advice from the vet about it before you make up your mind what to do.

    By the way, you can get an injection for them (like the morning after pill kinda thing) that stops the pregnancy too. It's worth asking the vet about. I can't remember how far into the pregnancy you can use it . . .

    And I guess emergency spays are about the same as regular spays, maybe €120, though maybe less cos she's a small dog. If you're on social welfare or have a medical card then you can ask the vets if they have any Dog's Trusts vouchers, and then it'll be about €20 or so I think??