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How do you write a research proposal?

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    Hello Researcher forum!

    I'm doing a taught MSc in Psychology and I have a research proposal due soon. I haven't done a proper research proposal before though and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on structure or layout? I'm a bit stressed about it as I feel out of my depth and my supervisor is on sabbatical until mid-February (I wouldn't recommend long term supervision by email btw :P). It's supposed to be 3000 words in length. I have done a lot of background reading but I'm still sorting out the finer aspects of my experimental design. I'd appreciate any advice or pearls of wisdom!


  • Hi
    The key is to ask someone for help! Im trying to write a PhD and I handed it in there before christmas, only to get it back with full corrections and supervisor asking::: but why didnt you get help from people??

    Like you my supervisor "seems" busy and is always traveling. But he told me...that he always has his door open and welcomes me to ask for advice. He also says i should make use of the resources around the other people in the group or under his supervision.

    I did do a course on writing research proposal's...but like that alot was common sense thinking and trying to target your audience.

    Hence the only way is to ask people for help. I regret isolating myself the past few months trying to figure out how to do things myself, instead of not just banging the door down demanding people show me and get as much info as possible...sometimes you need to be abrupt to get the job done, especially when it comes to things like this! its the only way you will succeed ;)

    Oh you said you did alot of background reading? This is great. But my supervisor pointed out i did "too much" background reading and not enough time on my results and data sections. Also in my line of field...the design is the 1st thing to begin on and not the introduction or background. It doesnt seem to make sense to me...but you really have to focus on your work, what are your goals and objectives? how you are going to go about it? have you done any tests on this research? etc.
    once youve done that, you can do a bit of an introduction on the topic.

    1st to get your objectives sorted! make a flow of idea's in 2 or 3 pages and from the flow of idea's fill in the gaps. When I say flow of idea's...this is like bullet points or statements of the objectives etc. Hope this helps...i know i feel lost every day trying to write and people say, stop worrying just write. Ive started to go to the library to write, so im in a calm non worry atmosphere rather then at home on computer and facebook.

  • Thank you! That has given me some ideas :)

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