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History RSR Essay

  • 19-01-2011 9:51pm
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    First time on boards, I need help with my RSR. My teacher is useless and didn't tell us how to do it so I just need to get help on how I'm meant to go about writing the Essay? If it's any help, I'm doing my project about Nikola Tesla and the War of Currents


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    There are specific sheets you have to fill out towards the end (that even an awful teacher should be obliged to provide you with), but to begin, just:

    - do research, obviously. You can use the internet, but I think it's either necessary or very highly recommended that you use books or other sources as well. You should have a minimum of three sources to get all your marks for sources, afaik. Try the library or order online.

    - write a first draft, it can be as broad and messy as you like - just get everything down and familiarise yourself with the basics of the topic until you find your specific angle/exact title.

    - start cleaning things up and preparing a final essay that'll fit within the wordcount. You'll probably do a couple of drafts and just gradually break it all down to what's most relevant to your title.

    I don't think there is any specific 'how-to-do-it'; it's all about research and you taking that upon yourself - everyone is going to be doing it slightly differently depending on how they work.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3 3SarahBee

    Brilliant! Thanks very much :)