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tuam town

  • 08-01-2011 2:42am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 9 ✭✭✭ tuamforlife

    this is my first thread so i hope it doesnt go sour like the rest of the one's about tuam..

    anything up for discussion, local soccer, the stars, rugby, anything really except for talking bout low lifes k?

    before ppl start talking about my name its tuamforlife because i really love my town, i would'nt wana be anywhere else and i could'nt think of anything else ha k?



  • Registered Users Posts: 630 ✭✭✭ bagels

    Well Sham,
    Welcome to Boards.
    Only news i have at the moment is that several of the local scumbags had court appearances today.
    Hopefully the Judge and Gardai put manners on them.

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