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Help!!! My chipmunk has gone craaaazy!!!

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    Hi folks.

    I've had a pet chipmunk (Ted) for the past 2 years. He's always been relatively quite but recently he has turned very nasty. Ted is caged but is allowed roam the house for a couple of hours daily. During the cold spell our heating oil ran out and we were moving out of the house a week later so we decided not to refill the oil tank. AFAIK it's unheard of for chipmunks living indoors to hibernate. Could it be possible that it was so cold in the house that Ted thought he was outdoors and slipped into hibernation? We are in our new house now and it's nice and toasty but on moving day I hadn't seen Ted at all. He stayed in his little house for the duration of the move and only surfaced the following day (in completely new surroundings). Ever since he seems to be in attack mode, so much so that I'm now afraid to put my hand in the cage to feed him as he has tried to bite me a number of times over the last few days which he has NEVER done before. Can anyone give me any tips or advice on how to calm him down again? Thanks