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Vintage vehicle website review

  • 26-12-2010 11:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 980 macroman - a website I made for a group I co-founded. A few of us buy and restore old buses, trucks, fire engines, ambulances, cars, tractors. Anything really. Time we got a proper website going (many false starts!)

    Nothing fancy. An hour in Photoshop on the design, under a day coding it and a few hours altering things.

    Nothing elaborate. I haven't done many websites, so needed to nurse myself into it. A lightbox and clock are the only scripts. Not 100% on the logo so will be tweaking that. Also need to better format the fleetlist - any ideas would be appreciated.

    Any reviews, opinions and criticisms welcome.


  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 70 ✭✭✭ grinds

    It looks great to me overall. As an informative website it does the job and looks clean and crisp. You would know you have an eye for restoration as it is reflected in the design I think. Below are just some suggestions. I would be pretty happy with it as is but the following might give you some ideas:

    The navigation bar is a little lost over the banner at the top of the page.It took me a few seconds to find it. If this were below the banner or if each of the links were integrated into the banner.. i.e. each car was a graphical link it could improve navigation.

    Maybe some footer links would help with navigtion also as you have to scroll all the way to the top having read each page..

    The front page is a little wordy I think. If this could be dropped into the About us section and maybe some breaking news etc. on the homeage it could be better.

    I saw a google ad beside the submit button on the contact page. I would probably drop this as you don't want someone clicking on a google ad if they intended to contact you about buying a car!

    I bumped a 1990 BMW 316 off a wall on the ice last night but it could have been worse so I hope the above is of use.

    Great start! Good luck!

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    Thanks for the honest review :)

    I have considered completely renewing the header, but decided to leave it be as it was, but won't rule out something else. Next time I'm off work I might give it a crack.

    The contact form was a free one I got off the net, I wasn't aware that it had Adsense on it, (doesn't display it to me) will look into an alternative one ASAP. Thanks for letting me know.

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    +1 navigation goes below. Make it bold too.

    About Us might as well be called Home and linked to from the banner. Make the text more list like and a bit snappier.

    The edges on the cars in the banner aren't quite right.

    You need to do a bit of work on the Search Engine Optimisation, especially for keywords like classic, vintage, restoration etc. in headings and image alt tags. The meta keywords tag has very low worth.

    Make the text darker for readability.

    Change the titles to reflect the page content.

    Left align the text in the Our Fleet table.

    Stick a postal address on the contact page of you can. Is spam from the form a big problem. I'd not use a captcha until spam does become a problem.

    Site uses tables for layout. It's better to use divs, but that's down the priority list for you.