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Panoramic pictures of Ireland


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    Welcome Josef.

    Probably best to post images into a thread for C&C if you want feedback rather than link to a whole blog.

    I have had a look and there are some reasonable shots there but most seem to be quite flat and taken when the lighting was not the best. There are also quite a lot of areas that are burnt out and also some places where the images have not been stiched well and the transition is evident.

    A good start and well done for posting it.

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    I'm absolutely loving the images on your website. It portrays the Irish landscape proudly.

    As said before, there are a few images that could do with a bit of contrast and maybe some toning down on the saturation but there are some truly stunning shots there.


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    ^ This

    Great shots, you've been to some beautiful parts of the country and captured them brilliantly!

    For some reason I love the couple with just fields in them, something about them reminds me of where I grew up.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you so much for viewing my photos and posting, Josef