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New AMA with a US police officer (he's back!). You can ask your questions here


  • 07-12-2010 9:32am
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    This discussion forum is about visiting, living and working in the United States (including emigrating from Ireland to the USA). There are separate forums for American Football, or the serious discussion of US Politics.

    Less serious comments about politics can be made here, as well as with any discussions that pertain to the United States culture, economics, business, banking, establishing credit, employment and job hunting, real estate, education, entertainment, sports, humour, etc.

    Irish citizens, as well as Irish expats are welcome to participate in discussions, as are United States citizens that would enjoy the flavour of an Irish hosted forum about living in the United States. Policies and Practices:
    • No advertising, spamming, or pornography.
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    Specific Forum Additions:
    • No thread spoiling. Although humour is welcome, please stay reasonably on thread topic.
    • No off topic threads (i.e., must pertain to travelling to, visiting, living in, or emigrating to the United States).
    • No excessively long quotes. Short quotes may be used, but long quotes should be linked and not shown.
    • No illegal recommendations regarding entry, overstay, action within, or exiting United States.
    • For your own privacy and safety and to prevent spam and scams, please do not post personal email addresses or phone numbers in threads. Ask people to PM you for contact details.
    PM the moderator if you need clarification regarding these policies and practices, this charter, or for actions taken that pertain to violations. The first stage in the official appeal procedure is to PM the moderator.

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