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One Programme

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    just wondering who has started the One Programme yet and how's its going?
    Our scout unit are dragging their heels on implementing it so a bit of feedback on how other units are finding it might give them the push they need!


  • Our unit has started implementing it in the last month or so. So far it's going well by the looks of things, but I think it will take a while to really bed down and for us all to get to grips with how it will work.

    I'm a venture leader myself and to be honest I've found it a bit tricky to get a handle on; that's largely because the venture programme is a bit loose and vague (the idea being that the ventures do a lot of the planning themselves).

    All I'd say - and it's the tact we're taking - is to take it one step at a time and try to work it in a way that works for you (in other words in a way that isn't a million miles from what you did before). It's open enough that you can do that without having to disregard it completely.

  • My group (8th wicklow) have started to use it :)
    Im a Venture and we all went to a training day with the leaders to learn how it works, and we then explained it to the rest of the troop, everyone has the new books and we all enjoy the new programme, i love it because as ventures we get to do alot of the planning ourselves and we are more in control :)

  • We had the county trainer for the one program down with all of us leaders recently. Personally, I still dont know about the one program. I went up through scouting when i was younger, and found that the old program worked very well. I know the ideas behind the One Program are great, but I suppose only time will tell how well they will turn out!