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AutoCAD MAP/CIVIL 3D Topology Query

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    I have a geospatial query maybe someone can help with.

    Im using AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 and Autcad Civil3D 2011.
    I'm attempting to create several UNION OVERLAYs between already created TOPOLOGYs originating from shp files. The first UNION OVERLAY works fine and the new resultant topology created (eg. A+B).
    However, when attempting to create the second UNION OVERLAY i.e.[A+B] + C, the topology fails with the same failure "Intersections Detected".
    I suppose the original shp files are complicated shapes but I have applied drawing celanup before creating topologys.

    ANy assistanance would be helpful in how to overcome the "Intersections Detected" error