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Bad times & Good times

  • 09-11-2010 11:08am
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    Hi folks,

    I'd be interested to hear of some of you guys here what are the best and worst memories of your kayaking career so far?

    The worst being trips/rivers that gave you a bollicking and the best I guess are those trips that brought you to the next level of appreciation for the sport. I guess this is aimed at the river runners / play boaters here.



  • Registered Users Posts: 1,323 ✭✭✭wet-paint

    Last winter. BALTIC weather, but it was perfectly calm, clear, and sunny. Three of us circumnavigated Gorumna, out Connemara side. God, it was beautiful out there.

    First time running Silverback, first time landing a blunt on Nile Special. Feeling the temperature of the water. Running a gorge on a trib of the Soca that was narrower than my paddle was long, and undercut all to hell. Class. Water was crystal clear, the bottom looked about two foot down.

    Paddling a Dancer I knew to be leaky, full of kit, coming in from a weekend camping out in Galway Bay. It started to sink about half way home, and I had to be towed home the rest of the way, as the bag on my back made it very top heavy, and it was all I could do to stay upright. Not enjoyable at all.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,628 ✭✭✭Truley

    Best - just like wet paint, paddling the Soca at an insane level. All of the slalom section, drinking the crystal clear water, beautiful mountains all around. I wana go back dammit!

    Worst - nothing too bad. Pretty nasty and scary swim on the Glenmacnass. Got so many bruises I couldn't sit down or lie on my side for about a week! I got a bit shaken up by that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 482 ✭✭irishlostboy

    no real horror stories. (touch wood) too many great trips to mention over the past 13+ years boating. the recipe for the real perfect days are when I get "flow". when everything aligns perfectly, body, mind, soul and water. it can happen any time, any place. something just works right on those days and i feel like i can nail anything. sometimes it is out in my surf kayak, taking huge waves and just loving the speed and the G's. sometimes it is playing on the waves and holes in our local play-river. other times it can happen sticking lines down the local creeks. the only things that help maximise this feeling is paddling regularly, being well rested and warmed up.
    but even when i am not in this place of ephemeral bliss, i usually have a good time once i am in a kayak on moving water.

  • Registered Users Posts: 700 ✭✭✭kayaksurfbum

    Best, getting gold at the world champs surf kayak in Sligo, along side paddling the grand canyon for two weeks.

    Worst, getting eaten by a hole on the vorder rhine in Switzerland.

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 208 ✭✭Alfreado

    Best - surfing over head high waves on oily smooth waters in the middle of winter. Clean, crisp air... baltic water, numb hands and face but theres absolutely nothing like it!

    Worst - getting hit, side on, by a messy wave so hard I got ripped out the kayak, when I eventually surfaced I was hit by another wave straight away, gasping for breath at this stage and a good 10 feet from the boat I had to just just swim for beach. Got hit by another 8-12 waves, absolutely exhaused when I got back in. If it wasn't for the lifejacket and the fact im a pretty keen swimmer I doubt I would have made it that day. That was my first and only scare to the hands of the sea

    Boat rocked up onto the sand about 20 minutes later with the help of a surfer. All I lost was the paddle. Should have stayed in bed that day lol

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    so many great days, always enjoy a run on the Dargle with the lads but the Glens will always be my favourite:D


    Swimming through the constrictor at .8 on the gauge:eek: a few stitches :rolleyes: