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New AMA with a US police officer (he's back!). You can ask your questions here

Frontline Nimby Special


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    Didn't hear a decent argument from the NIMBY's .

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    Yeah I saw this last week and all the inaccuracies on the N11 were annoying. It is not a motorway being planned through Wexford!! Also the expert talking about roads should be upgraded on current routes hasnt a clue. The idiot doesnt realise the amount of CPOing that would to be required with all the one off houses stuck onto our N roads. Gah!! :mad:

    Some amount of Nimbyism on the show I couldnt watch half of it.

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    Must watch this later.

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    I was somewhat mystified that all 8 routes for this Wexford motorway were rejected.

    I'm guessing that there's something else afoot. No doubt the price of CPOs have decreased.

    Anybody from that neck of the woods know what the real issues are?