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LorGa - Offer and Find - What do you think?

  • 31-10-2010 10:38pm
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    OK, I started this website last night.

    The address is
    I got the name from the Irish for Need (ga) and Search (lorg)
    I plan on getting a proper domain later.

    I just started making a site and the idea just sort of blossomed.
    Anyway, its something like Buy and Sell or The Dealer or similar.
    Haven't done a great job of explaining, have I?

    Anyway, what do think of the layout and how easy do you all find it to use.

    Appreciate it if you's actually bother going to it. :D

    As I'm here, I may as well ask you to have a look at my other site


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    Has most of the same issues, omissions and mistakes that we've seen here for these types of sites. Do a search or go back through this forum for other reviews of listings/classifieds sites.

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    I found some chinese characters on your site,maybe?

    I think you built it using an web application, right?

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    Chinese Characters?
    Your browser probably doesn't display fada's

    Web App