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Differential Equations

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    Seeking Help


    Some cells are growing in a petri dish. At time t = 0 seconds there is one cell, which divides into two cells after one second. Subsequently, every cell divides into two new cells after one second of existence. At t = 60 seconds the dish is full. At what time is the dish half full?

    Q2: 2. Suppose the rate of change of a population is proportional to population size.

    (a) Suppose the population has 106 members at t = 0 and 107 members after 100 minutes. Find the population size at the end of 150 minutes.

    (b) Suppose the population has 106 members at t = 5, and 105 members at t = 15. What was the population at t = 0?


  • You might get a quicker answer in the maths forum :)

    Wel at least I assume that's maths!

  • To be honest, you'd be better off going to the Maths Support Centre on campus if you're struggling with your homework. The charter in the Maths forum doesn't allow people to do your homework for you, you need help working through it yourself and the best place for that is the MSC. But if you want to post in Maths we will help, you'll be doing all the work though :D

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