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Dinosaur Statue Burns Down

  • 06-10-2010 10:36pm
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    Poor Ultrasauros. First your name is already taken by another dinosaur so you have to change it. Then they realise you are an amalgamation of two different dinosaurs so so lose your name altogether. Your skeleton was destroyed by Mr. freezein a Batman cartoon. Now your statue burns down in a fire. You just can't win.
    The huge model of a long-necked dinosaur created by artists Heather and Ivan Morison has been destroyed in a blaze. It is not known how the fire started that destroyed the 53 feet long statue, but police officers from Portsmouth's Targeted Patrol team are looking into the matter.

    The enormous dinosaur was brought to Southsea Common earlier in the summer and it has proved to be a very popular attraction, especially with young children. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the fire service the metal and fibreglass structure, known as "Luna Park" has been virtually destroyed.

    The life-size sculpture represents an Ultrasauros...
    Full article here.