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Metriorhynchids, Crocodiles of the Sea

  • 06-10-2010 10:24pm
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    Is it just me or does the term 'hypercarnivore' seem a bit underwhelming when you realise a hypercarnivore's diet can consist of as little as 70% meat?
    Geosaurus and Dakosaurus swam in the same seas, likely because each targeted different prey. Dakosaurus, with its T. rex-like skull and teeth, would have been able to feed on large marine reptiles, fish and cephalopods. Geosaurus, on the other hand, had a streamlined body and a lighter skull. Its teeth were better at slicing through soft bodied, fleshy prey.

    Andrea Cau of the University of Bologna's Giovanni Capellini Geological Museum told Discovery News, "This study opens a new and unexpected perspective on the evolution and paleoecology of these marine predators."

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