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Time for the top civil service and government to go

  • 04-10-2010 12:56am
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    "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

    2 years ago the government put in place the bank guarantee, at the time a brilliant move. Over the course of the following months it undoubtedly saved our bacon. The lack of movement since then would lead one to believe that this move was by luck rather than design. If the people who put this in place truely understood what they were doing, they would have done so much more since then. As they have not, and the they is the civil service as well as the body politic, we must stop them spending on our behalf.

    Why since 2008 has a method for banks to go bust not being implemented and put into law? This is the most serious question of the banking fiasco. Why, 2 years after taking on such a massive liability have the people who make the rules not changed them so that banks can go bust in an orderly fashion, and in doing so reduce *our* liability. Such a fundamental error. All they had to do was create a law which allowed a bank to go bust in such a fashion that the state did not carry the can, but was orderly. Sign it into law, and wait for the clocks to click down to the end of the bank guarantee. If this had happened we would not be where we are today! The essence of being sovereign is that you make the rules. But by not making the rules, we will soon loose the ability to do so when we tap the EU for funds.

    Stop to think, we are the owners of 2, 3 (am I right in thinking) 4 bankrupt banks. We need not be, we should not own a single one.

    We are told we have a highly paid civil service to get the best brains in the country. Fire them, we have no need for them anymore. It is clear they are not capable of managing our money. Their job is not just to react, it is to anticipate and plan. They have clearly failed. They carry most of the blame. We cannot put the civil service in a position to make the same mistake again.

    Lenihan could be forgiven for being jumped 2 years ago, lets judge him instead on what has happened since, nothing. This culmunated last Thursday, a day which by next summer will be seen as the the day the white flag went up. It was in his gift to do something, anything to make this not happen. He did nothing.

    I'm not sure if what has happaned is evil, it's certainly not right. I'm not sure if Lenihan and the mandrins in the Department of Finance are good men, but they surely have done nothing.


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    GUYS!!...are we all so naive as to think that these appointments are made on merit?! Promotions and top jobs go to the politically well-connected, the grandsons/gr.grandsons/ of the para-militaries of the past, the GAA stars/"executives", their friends, relations, lap-dogs.... C'mon lads, smell the coffee. Our civil service has been rife with nepotism since it's inception, we've the worst economic record in Europe since 1922, we've one of the highest rates of male suicide in Europe, we're now world famous for child-abuse...and we still send our sheepish-looking politicians off to the US on Paddy's Day with a bowl of shamrock. And we think we're the darlin's o' the western world.... Are we all cracked or whah??

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